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ApeSurvival Strikepen: Your Best Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

By Ray / May 2, 2018

The world as we all know it is not as peaceful and safe as it used to be. Dangers lurk behind every corner positioned to attack anyone who passes by uncautious and unprotected. They prey on the weak and helpless, in order to satisfy their greed or pleasure.

Do not fall victim to them. Be alert and equip yourself with the best self-defense tactical pen and ultimately protect yourself from the bad guys.

What is a Tactical Pen?

Tactical pens are really deadly pens to protect yourself from the bad guys. These are forged hardened metals stamped with tight and small friction grooves for strong grip. These simple-looking writing tools are non-lethal but they are made to pierce and injure, designed to stab and incapacitate if you get on the wrong side of it.

The ApeSurvival Strikepen Black

Although all tactical pens serve one main purpose (for self-defense) not all tactical pens are created equal.

The tactical pen named “Strikepen Black” from ApeSurvival is by far the most popular, best multi-functional and most reliable self-defense pen there is! It comes with innovative features that other tactical pens do not possess.

Body Material

The Strikepen Black is made of an alloy body that has been precision milled into shape. Meaning, all outer components have all been cut into shapes that start with a single alloy material.

Such manufacturing method of the body piece makes this tactical pen a lot stronger than other brands. It is very lightweight and durable so you do not have to worry about it breaking easily.

Body Color

Unlike other tactical pens out there, this pen only comes in just one color— black. The StrikePen has this very nice matte black finish and is essentially not scratch-proof, but it surely does not scratch easily.

Strikepen Tip: The Glass Breaker End

The ApeSurvival StrikePen Black comes with a strong metal tip (specifically, a tungsten steel tip) that is intended to strike an opponent or an object. It is strong enough to be able to break a glass or window or put an intruder down with just one hit and get you out of trouble or any situation you are in.

Pocket Clip

The ApeSurvival Strikepen’s pocket clip is a little bit basic. It is made of stainless steel material and bolted onto the body.


Although the Strikepen is designed “to strike” objects or intruders down, it is still a pen. When its cloak is up, it looks like your normal pen. It may be a bit heavier than your regular ballpoint pen, but it is not too heavy and is not impossible to use as a writing pen.While other self-defense pens require special inks in order to be used as a writing tool, the Strikepen Black works with the very basic ballpoint ink pattern and it comes in one ink color: Black.

StrikePen Black Extras

ApeSurvival is quite generous when it comes to adding extra features to the StrikePen Black, leaving competitors behind and giving you more value for your money. Here are some of the StrikePen Black accessories and extras.

LED Flashlight

Got lost in the dark? Well, the StrikePen Black is also equipped with LED flashlight to help you fight your fear of the dark. Although the LED Flashlight might not seem really special, it can be really helpful in worst-case scenarios like getting lost in an abandoned factory or in the middle of the woods. You get to light up your way and knock down anything on your way that poses any threat to your safety.

Also, ApeSurvival is the only manufacturer who successfully managed to incorporate a flashlight into a decent tactical pen.

Interchangeable Knife and Multi-Tool

ApeSurvival is actually pretty thoughtful about your safety and survival and had the idea to incorporate a small multi-tool and a small knife which can be screwed into the pen. These parts are durable; the knife is very sharp and can handle stress while the multi-tool can help you in almost any trouble with its 4 parts: a blade, bottle opener, HEX wrench and a flat head driver.

Pen and Accessories Case

ApeSurvival ships a StrikePen with everything mentioned here in a black cardboard case. Pretty nice, isn’t it? The case is the perfect storage for all other parts that you are not currently using.

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