How to Build a Survival Shelter with Paracord?

By Ray / July 31, 2018

There are a lot of people that really love to camp out in the wilderness especially with friends, and I’m actually one of those people but haven’t really camped out before because of a lot of reasons.

Anyways, have you heard of a paracord? Maybe a lot of you know about it since some of you use it as bracelets. But did you know that aside from using it as a fashion accessory, you can also actually build your own shelter for survival with it?

In this article, I will give a step by step procedure on how to build your own shelter with paracord.

What is a Paracord?


It is a lightweight nylon that was originally used as the parachute’s suspension line. It’s also known as parachute cord or 550 cord. Aside from being used as the suspension line of a parachute, it can also be used for a lot of things especially by the military and for survival and climbing purposes.

Procedure on How to Build a Survival Shelter

There would be a time where you’ll get lost in the forest without any shelters close by and without a way to get out of the forest before night time. That’s when you’ll get to use your bundle of paracord.

But first, you’ll need to know what the three basic shelters you can make during your survival.

1. Swamp Bed

This one is best used in tropical climate or swampy places, a raised platform is also really great to avoid the water, critters, and bugs. This takes time to build but is actually very useful. All you need are trees that are close enough to make a platform in between them, paracord, a tarp to serve as a roof, and strong branches.


2. Tarp Shelter

This is a simple way of creating your own shelter, all it needs is trees, your paracord, rocks to keep it from being blown away by the wind and a tarp. The tarp is very useful when it comes to survival, you can use as a bed, roof, or door so that you can at least feel a bit safe when you sleep in the forest.


3. Leaning Roof

This one actually takes time to build but it is the most used method, it is a classic method of making survival shelter that people know of. It may take time but they are still easy to build. You’ll need a paracord, strong branches, and leaves or grass to serve as a roof. If you have a tarp, you can also use it as a roof or bed.

The best shelter that you can make is the swamp bed if you want to learn how to build one watch this first part of the video to know how to construct it and the second part where you’ll learn how to prepare your paracord.

101 Amazing Paracord Projects


You should always be prepared if you are planning to go on a camping trip with friends or by yourself. Always brings the necessary survival tools and enough food that will last a day or two in case of an emergency.

Also, know the basic survival tips so that you’ll know what to do in case of an emergency.


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