How to Make a Paracord Survival Belt

By Ray / July 31, 2018

If you are one of those people who love the great jungles, desert, rivers, oceans, and mountain, then you know exactly just how important to have the proper gears. And with the surging popularity of paracord for outdoor and wilderness adventures, paracord belts are now a must-have item for most people.

Not only a belt for everyday use that can withstand the great outdoors, paracord belts also offers added functionality beyond its primary purpose.

Want to make your own paracord survival belt? Here’s a step by step guide for you. This project usually takes a while to complete— a few hours at least, depending on your experience and the length that you want.

What you will need:

  • 100 feet paracord
  • Belt buckle
  • A lacing needle, crochet hook or a marlin spike
  • Scissors
  • Lighter


  • The first thing we need to do is to wrap the cord onto the buckle. The amount of wraps that is used depends on the desired belt width and the size of your buckle.
  • After that, loosen all the cords that wrapped the buckle then slide the short end through the wraps.
  • Form a bight with the other working end of the paracord and slide it under the wraps and tighten it.
  • With the help of a tool like a lacing needle, crochet hook or a marlin spike, pull out loops that will be used in order to pull through the next bight.
  • Form the next bight and pull it through the loops. Keep in mind that when you pull the bight through the loops, you should align the loops so that the part closes to the other end and is facing towards you. Do this by twisting the loops into place. Tighten each loop from left to right, one at a time.
  • Keep pulling out loops and inserting bight, then tighten. Do this until you have reached your desired length.
  • Next, get the other end of the buckle and attach the paracord the same way you attached the first buckle. Remember to pull the cord through the other cord that always remains. This should prevent your paracord belt from unraveling when it is put under pressure.
  • Once done, make a stopper knot at the very end of the cord (typically a simple overhand). Cut the excess paracord with the scissors and melt the end with the lighter. You know have your own paracord survival belt.

Check out the video here:

101 Amazing Paracord Projects


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