Prepper Supplies That Help You Become Self Sufficient

By Ray / January 14, 2019

Being self-sufficient is the goal of every prepper and there are supplies that can help you reach that goal. One of the goals you’ll want to have is to make sure that you don’t rely on your area’s electricity.

If you do rely on it and then it goes down, you may experience everything from inconvenience to being unable to take care of things. So your first step should be to learn how to live without it.

One way to do that is by using solar energy. Using a solar generator is one way. Not only is the energy a solar generator produces created at no charge to you, but the energy is self-renewing.

If you’re going to use a generator, some people question, “Why not use a gas powered one?” You don’t want a gas powered generator because you can’t get gas from gas stations if there’s a blackout.

Their pumps can’t be turned on manually. You have to have the power running for that. Not being able to get gas because there’s no electricity is one of the reasons some people get stuck when a natural disaster has hit their area.

Having solar panels put in your home can also help you be prepared for when there’s no electricity. Using solar power can take care of all your electric needs. Many people falsely believe that if the electricity goes out, they’ll be forced to cook over a campfire or on a wood burning stove.

Using a campfire isn’t a bad idea, but it’s a temporary solution. Using a wood burning stove isn’t a bad idea either and most preppers like cooking on a wood burning stove – plus, they’re great for heating a home, too.

But for cooking, there are also solar (sometimes called sun) ovens available and whatever you can cook in a regular oven, you can cook in a solar one. There are also alcohol cook stoves.

Some preppers opt to purchase a generating plant that’s solar powered. While these can be expensive, they can provide all the energy your home needs. Using the earth’s natural light that’s provided by the sun during the day is a way that some preppers prepare while using battery operated lamps is another. Candles, kerosene and propane are good prepper options.

Since the city’s water supply is also dependent on electricity because the electricity runs the pumps, you’ll also want to make sure that you have an alternate source of water. There are plenty of ways to become self-sufficient with a water supply.

One is to have a well dug that uses a hand crank to draw up the water. Using an electric hand crank would render the well useless in a blackout situation. Another way to make sure you have the water supply you need is to take it from nature.

Invest in rain barrels or cisterns. This is called rainwater harvesting and you can store that water to provide for your family. If you have a spring or creek on your property, then you can also get your water supply from that.

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